Old Growth

Help support unChain St Kilda
and help efforts to bring an end to the
unnecessary destruction of our remaining old growth forests.

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People Culture Environment (PCE) launched
Old Growth - Australia's remaining ancient forests

a collection of breathtaking photographs compiled by PCE director Peter McConchie, showcasing some of Australia's most beautiful - and endangered - old growth trees and forests earlier this year.

Tragically, these forests are being systematically destroyed, habitats incinerated, and threatened species killed. 92% of Australian old growth has already been destroyed and of the 8% that remains, only 4% is within national parks and conservation reserves. We must act now to preserve the 4% that remains and Old Growth provides important information on "what we can do" to bring to an end the logging of our ancient forests and their diverse and unique ecosystems.

Old Growth normally retails for $65, so you'll get a $15 saving -
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