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7 January 2008

"I make my living in commercial construction as a Project Manager working both in the CBD and suburban areas. In the CBD Precinct, where stacking the site to the maximum is tolerated and primarily only governed by council and planning laws there are very few Public objections. The established reality in that area IS to maximise the site.

All developers undertake this, whether suburban dual occupancies or commercial developments as it makes good commercial sense to maximise profits by developing cheaply and putting as much saleable real estate on a site as possible.The construction costs do not increase proportionally therefore we maximise the build on the site.

Governments; local, state and federal are not in place for the purpose of making money. Sure they need money to function, but they compromise their validity when the developers hat gets worn by a government body which has prime real estate it wishes to maximise in order to boost "community funds".

The Triangle site is a perfect site for development and it needs to be undertaken. I'm all for construction works as that's my bread and butter, and I must say it would be great to build, however it would be an absolute nightmare to look at; a real pain in the ... to negotiate around, both during construction and it would only get worse after it's completed even with every traffic management plan that could be thrown at it. With such grotesque infrastructure as currently proposed the thing would merely stand as a monument to capitalism... It offers nothing to St Kilda/ Elwood save for a few bucks for shop assistants.

My opinion is quite seriously..... scale it back and ensure there is more meritorius Architecture in the revised version. Including fair dinkum open space..... Put state funding into fixing the Palais noted in the'll ease the need to milk the living daylights out of the site."
Steve Mercer, Elwood

"I support this wholeheartedly and although I just joined (new resident of St K), I reckon unchain st kilda WILL PULL THIS OFF! I was involved in disputing an abhorrent development in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, which although approved by local council, after much work, gnashing of teeth and huge community efforts - the local council's decision was overturned by State Premier Peter Beattie many months later. Lets not give up."
Anna Jeffries, St Kilda

6 January 2008

"Council is backing BBC's 'shopping mall' model, predicated on the notion of 'anchor' tenants to generate consumer traffic. BBC has said the supermarket is not negotiable.

There are already 2 "anchors" in Acland St aren't there?

I wonder who they think will shop there. If the aim is to generate consumer traffic, a supermarket is hardly a good choice. Who are they banking on shopping at this very large "anchor"? The locals will (or might) refuse to shop there I would think. I for one will never spend one cent there! I am thinking there would be others (locals) who would be of the same opinion. So if the locals don't shop there, will people visiting from other suburbs shop at the supermarket? NO. Because people shop locally for their grocery items....

And i like may others will keep on shopping at the 2 "anchors" in Acland St. (Perhaps one will relocate to Triangle Site, who knows...)"
Jacqui, St Kilda

4 January 2008

"My friendly Greens neighbour John Middleton (PPL, 01 Jan 08) along with some of the protesters in St Kilda are proposing a cop out when the say the St Kilda Triangle site development should be scaled down with less commercial development. The site is crown land and a development 1/3 the size, as suggested, is not on. This site should be developed into a Catani Gardens standard park by the government for use by the community and for temporary activity like the Sunday market and the circus or community festivals from time to time. O'Donnell Gardens and the small park near the Seabaths are distressed due to over use in summer and a new park would relieve the pressure. The NYE mess left on our beaches, perhaps by Justin Maddens "neighbours", is a taste of what while happen weekly, if this development for 6000 or 2000 (1/3 the size) extra violent drunks in residential streets, goes ahead."
Adrian Jackson, Middle Park

3 January 2008

"Congratulations to Anna and Rachel Griffiths for launching the campaign for additional funds to restore the Palais. Surely this now opens the door for our council to re-approach state and federal government for financial support?"
Rachel Powning, East St Kilda

"The reason I love St Kilda is because there is no other place in Melbourne like it. It has a kooky, eclectic charm that will be stripped from it if another high rise commercial development is dumped there. It will totally wreck the area and make it mainstream... It will take all the charm and interest from the area!"
Amelia Little, St Kilda

"Dear Mayor and Councillors,

Hasn't the St Kilda Festival been a marvellous success? Every young binge-drinking party animal in greater Melbourne now thinks they have the perfect right to come to St Kilda to party and trash as they see fit.

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day were shockers. Don't residents have any rights any more? Don't non-paying members of the public have rights any more?

We went to walk along the beach on New Year's Eve. But the paths and shoreline were blocked off by the party at the Stokehouse. Then the doof doof from this party annoyed us into the wee hours.

On New Year's Day we were subjected to HOURS more of doof doof music from a party at Riva. It started in the afternoon and went until 11pm. THERE WAS NO ESCAPING IT.

We went to have a swim at St Kilda beach on New Year's Day. Did you see it? It was disgusting. Those poor rubbish collectors. It was an impossible task.

In a few week' time we will have to endure the St Kilda Festival.

Can we now please have ten years of programs and initiatives designed as disincentives to this demographic?

We could begin by cancelling the St Kilda Festival. We could lobby the state government and other councils to abandon the ridiculous practice of establishing 'entertainment precincts' involving clusters of night clubs. We could force other municipalities to shoulder the burden of the 'needs' of their youth. We could target families, older people and those who want to visit our cafes, restaurants and beaches in a respectful and peaceful manner as our 'visitor market'.

I have lived in the St Kilda area for 20 years. It has never been so difficult to cope with the noise and influx of 'visitors'. It has never been as menacing on the streets. Oh for the days when it was seedy and shabby and there was a heroin problem.

Christine Banks, St Kilda

2 January 2008

"st kilda our art, our escape, our relaxation, our melbourne, our king of bohemia, and a quick beach bum get away , the gays the lesbians the straight the weird and wonderful. the place where imaginations and wonders can easily get away from us and run wild, where daydreaming is as easy as a ten second stare away.. and romance created by a simple sunset over the horizon of a clear blue sea oh the first kiss the first touch the first embrace, the captivation , the tears and the losing ur voice as ur favorite song of the night still ringing in ur ears as u lay one of them on ur pillow that night happiness and the unbelievable brought to us from our favorite artist at our favorite venues such as the palaise and the espy not forgetting the fallen sister thats right it was the place they held twister!.... IF IT AINT BROKE PEOPLE THEN DONT FIX IT dont let corporate australia take all this away from us by re developing a part of our lives talk about paving paradise to put up a parking lot we should be preserving st kilda for generations to come we dont need another multi million dollar shopping complex if u want to help st kilda take the money and drop into the street performers hat , sack, or acoustic guitar case, place some in the pockets of the homeless sleaping on park benches near luna park, then u can go buy a thing or two at the sunday markets, dont do to st kilda what the ABC did to ABC's 90s kids programmes just another thing we can tell our kids they missed out on cos when speaking bout st kilda i never want to have to use the phrase "ahhh those were the days " at the end of the sentence. UNCHAIN ST KILDA"
serkan ismail, epping

31 December 2007

"In about 1977 disgruntled fans ripped up the seats at the Palais when Elvis Costello refused to do an encore. Perhaps Elvis would like to purchase a row (at least!) as recompense and to commemorate all the fabulous receptions he has enjoyed in the Grand Old Dame of Aussie Rock ever since...?"
Jane Clifton, Flemington

"I cannot believe that anyone would want to turn St Kilda into an overcrowded, overdeveloped lair; devoid of the character that makes St Kilda what it is. Open space for festivals and markets is what makes St Kilda the town it is and I cannot oppose this plan strongly enough!"
Beau, Northcote

29 December 2007

"Please.... learn from mistakes made on the Gold Coast, Qld!! Don't kill the beach area. Good doesn't have to be high."
Kathie Elborne, Berwick

28 December 2007

"Greedy corporate development or a balanced, more sustainable solution? You make your choice. One way will line the pockets of a few selected individuals at the cost of destroying a Melbourne icon. The other is the workable, sustainable alternative proposed by the unChain St Kilda group. Duh! Come on people - Anyone who hasn't emailed their objections - Do so now!! Please!!"
Martin Huish, Elwood

25 December 2007

"We know that the Citta/Babcock & Brown development plans are seriously flawed and deeply unpopular with thousands of people in St Kilda, Melbourne and beyond. The only supporters of the plans appear to be the developers themselves, members of the Port Phillip Council and Planning Minister Madden.

As we live in a democracy, I challenge the City of Port Phillip to hold a plebiscite of Port Phillip voters on the proposed Development Plan. It is an important public issue with far-reaching and long-lasting consequences. As the Council seems to have difficulty in hearing the voices of its constituents, the solution is for the proposed Plans to be tested at the ballot box."
John Brudenall, St Kilda

24 December 2007

"a joke!"
Stephanie Williams, Carlton

"Don't do it!"
Anton Proppe, Somers

"I hope it is not too late to express my opinion about the proposed development of St. Kilda?! Firstly I want to congratulate everyone on their community spirit and determination to save a piece of natural beauty. I wish other citizens would be so positively fierce in their beliefs to preserve existing landscapes as you all are. Let me give a short quote as to the meaning of the word Democracy. Democracy stems from the Greek and means "people Rule" or "Rule of The People". The term Politics comes from the Greek term "Polis" derived from "city" or "community".

I believe that when people are united in a common goal to better their life and the whole of society as a People, only then can Progress flourish on all levels be it Education, health, environment, societal prosperity then naturally leading to joy and harmonious Life/living as ONE Humanity of this Planet we call Earth. Also I am a firm believer that Women must be heard and they must gather those of us around them to support a new way of thinking that would clearly lead towards betterment of all involved. Women must be wise and logical and true leaders and strive for equal opportunities for all without their own pursuit after glory and greed for power. St. Kilda is different and I want it to stay that way without grandiose development that would increase population, pollution and invite unsavory characters, after all that's what it once was and gladly is no more. NO matter what kind of development this would naturally increase ocean water pollution and energy consumption and would look like every other developed area with its stark look and leave me feeling cold.

I would like the see the streets lit up with Solar Energy to help with Global Warming. In fact I would like to suggest that because of Global Warming we have the hot sun to power endless energy systems, IF only the true leaders would stand their ground and voice their real concerns. And YES it should be FREE, why should I have to pay for the sun rays to help the wealthy accumulate more greed and power? It simply makes NO SENSE to me. Natural resources are to be respected and used wisely for all people."
Bianca Recht, North Caulfield

23 December 2007

"Does anyone know what financial penalty, if any, Port Phillip Council will incur if it were to abort the current Triangle development process at this stage? To proceed and approve a seriously flawed development plan for the sake of even a million dollars would be pig-headed, short-sighted and a very bad decision by the Council.

We need the Triangle development process to go back several steps to allow the Council to define the planning parameters and guidelines much more clearly and precisely so that intending developers are in no doubt about the outcome desired by the Council and its community.

The Council is not yet locked into making a very bad collective decision. Therefore, let us hope that the Spirit of Christmas and the symbolism of a New Year can change the hearts and minds of our Councillors."
John Brudenall, St Kilda

"This article in The Age Dec 23 is exactly why the nightclub zone should be eliminated from the Triangle Site. Adding extra security on the Triangle Site will not combat the violence that will occur away from the Triangle Site on neighbouring residential streets around the area if the nightclub zone goes ahead as planned. People don't magically vanish into thin air once they disperse from the nightclubs...they have to go somewhere, and onto the streets of St Kilda they will go!

I am spelling out the obvious, but the developer seems to think that their idea of extra security will take care of the issue...they are trying to pull the wool over our eyes. One live music venue to replace the burnt down Palace...not six!"
Jacqueline Walker, St Kilda

21 December 2007

"The development needs to be scaled down to a point where it no longer encroaches on the natural beauty of the seaside. We as human beings are atuned to the natural environment. Being able to enjoy it alleviates stress and promotes a feeling of inner balance and well-being. Surely we have enough stress, road rage, traffic jams, parking problems and drunken violence in our society (which is most likely one of the factors contributing to the rise in mental illness - depression, OCD psychosis) without creating more."
Julia Rybicki, St Kilda

"I was an early speaker at the council committee meeting held on 13 Dec 07 but I was disappointed to note that comments of speakers from the gallery were not summarised. Not even those for or against (most) the triangle site development were recorded. Add to this that only a vague summary of the written submissions were an attachment to the minutes leads me to the conclusion the council wants to minimise the impact of the objectors. Note that at the 07 Nov 07 committee meeting, in a answer to a public question I asked, I was assured that from that date a summary of matters raised during agenda items from the gallery would be included in the minutes. So what went wrong on 13 Dec 07? Not a good start to your mayorality Cr Cribbes. I expect better from independent councillors that I would not expect from the lackies of the state government."
Adrian Jackson, Middle Park

19 December 2007

"I say yes to develop! But keep the green area on the hill on the other side of the road below the upper espi. And make the building some thing that people come to see like the sydney opera house, not just a thing which will date in ten years and turn into a slum shopping centre like forest hill chase or worse!!"
Andrew Dawson, St Kilda

"Way too big. It will destroy the character and balance of St Kilda."
Peter Carrodus, St Kilda

18 December 2007

"They said they'd fix the Palais
If we'd only do it right
And let them add a shopping mall
and 6000 drunks a night

We'd lose our Sunday market
And a few historic views
But there'd be some open spaces
Situated on the roofs

They said 'twill be like Venice,
With tourists everywhere
(Although they don't have traffic snarls
On a beach road thoroughfare)

Then I thought of lovely Venice
And renovations needed there
And wondered if they'd pay the cost
With a mall on San Marco Square

If their council and developers
Should dare suggest such plans
They'd be swimming in the Grand Canal
Wearing concrete underpants."
Brenda Richards, St Kilda

"Climate change is upon us & it is time to act. Nearly 70% of Australian household greenhouse emissions are due to the consumption of goods and services (Consumption Atlas ACF 2007). A shopping mall in a recreational precinct embraces and promotes shopping as recreation - it is a message from our Governments that it is ok for shopping to be the core recreational activity of our time - when it is this very activity that is the largest contributer to the most significant environmental disaster we have been faced with. Is this really ok? Where is the leadership to revision the way our modern society is consuming the planet. We have an opportunity to change the course of things, are we going to let that go? Where is the leadership to live a healthy lifestyle, consume less and protect our precious natural assets."
Caroline Packham, Northcote (live) St Kilda (work)

17 December 2007

"The Council keep trying to tell us that there was a community consultation process - the UDF. Sure, but what came out of that process was that the community wanted a recreational space, with open spaces and a MINIMAL amount of retail. "Some retail" was the term used. NO-ONE, I repeat, NO-ONE said they wanted a massive shopping mall which is practically ALL retail. Get a grip Council - this whole thing has a very nasty smell about it. You diddled the people you're supposed to represent."
Caroline Henry, St Kilda

"What amazes me about this development is that it is clear that the developers have modified the designs all along the way and have introduced new design elements - such as the billboard - knowing they are to be used as SACRIFICAL LAMBS, just in order to get this development through. These design changes are not even remotely in-line with the original development proposal's intent and CERTAINLY not in-line with Mr Catani's great vision for the St Kilda foreshore (I don't remember seeing any shopping malls and nighclubs in previous work....).

What is even more disturbing though, is that our local councillors are choosing to be associated with this kind of unconscionable behaviour. Whichever way you look at this development, the Port Phillip council has either been negligent in properly managing the process, or have deliberately chosen to do business with development partners who are, at best, dishonest."
John Brand, St Kilda

"My husband and I love the charm of St Kilda AS IT IS. This is NOT a proposal, but rather a dismissal of the true character of the area and wants of the residents. Why do we need ANOTHER colosseum of consumerism? Please think about the serious implications of this in the future rather than just concentrating on the money that will be made. Development is synonymous with profit in today's world and this is one venture that St Kilda can live without."
Teena Hartnett, St Kilda

16 December 2007

"Dear Mr Madden, You have always struck me as an intelligent, well balanced individual - both on the football field and in the parliamentary arena. However, I am staggered to read your comments that the proposed development on the St Kilda triangle site is "world class", or words to that effect.

This mixture of Chadstone and Darling Harbour by the sea is everything St Kilda isn't. Please do not allow the character and charm of St Kilda to be destroyed by over-development and crass commercialism. This is an opportunity to leave a legacy for generations to come, not a string of nondescript retail franchises, overcrowding prime real estate on one of the city's premier foreshore sites.

I urge you to reconsider your position and do everything you can to get your cabinet colleagues to agree to state government funding to assist the Palais Theatre restoration."
Michael da Costa-Alves, Elwood

"We are AGAINST the development as it stands. It should be cut by 3/4. We don't want the retail stores; we don't want the night clubs which will add to the violence and appalling behaviour with which we are already assailed. We don't want the TAFE or the supermarket or the cinemas. We want much more open space, green space without concrete as there has been used to develop the promenade along the st Kilda foreshore; it is dreadful and is already cracking. There is no thought given to global warming and the fact that concrete, brick and other such materials capture the heat. Just imagine what the foreshore promenade will be like in 40 degree heat this summer. We don't want all of the people from far-reaching suburbs. We want peaceful outdoor areas where people can gather and enjoy nature. We want to reclaim St Kilda. Over the 20 yrs we have lived here we have seen our amenities eroded little by little. We do not want this to be the playground of Victoria. Take it elsewhere. You are all doing a fantastic job! We join you in this."
Carol Nettlebeck, St Kilda

"This monstrous proposal must stop. Why is it not possible for someone with the sympathy and talent of Nonda Kastilidis to make this change not consortium who is driven by expediency and the retail dollar. I am sick of being abused by the councillors of the City of Port Phillip who seem to have no regard for the ratepayers and see us as a source of money only. It is an outrageous mistake and it will be an irreversible one."
Judith Hammond, Elwood

"Is there a way we can have a vote of 'no confidence' in these councillors - whose policies are to break the law on a range of issues, like breach of alcohol licenses, promoting graffitti - willful damage, not maintaining infrastructure, allowing knowingly for breaches of liquor permits, not listening to their constituents, making political judgements when not permitted - we need to do this + vote for new elections. How can we get rid of these inept, incapable morons and quickly?"
Jenny Webb, Elwood

15 December 2007

"I have a stall on the Esplanade Market. We have been told that the first 90 stalls of the market will be lost with this development. They are building right up to the edge of the market! The development will block up one third of all parking for up to 3 years! We will all be forced to either leave the market, or squash up the other end! There is barely enough parking and space now! Imagine what it will be like when Chadstone by the sea is finished!"
Mark Laricchia, Chelsea

"It was a telling remark made by councilor Mr. Gross, at Thursday's public meeting, as to why he missed the community information night held on the 15th of November. He expressed his regret for not going to the meeting, with words to the effect, I was home and had nothing to do but I did not get an invite.

Dick, it was a public meeting in your council electorate, you are a councillor, you don't need a personal invitation in order to attend. It is no defence.

This is testament to the level of commitment and rigor he is giving the most significant project that he will ever have the opportunity to decide on. And he only attends significant community meetings on the proviso that he gets an invite. This is a desperate state of affairs."
Luke Troja, St Kilda

"What brought me to set up home in St Kilda, was after many years visiting my daughter from Perth and finding it harder to leave. One of many reason i love St Kilda is the open space where one can walk to the beach with family and friends and enjoy the ocean view while having a picnic. I am so sad this could be gone because of greed and no concern for the community. Dont let this happen like it happened in FREMANTLE after the Americas cup! I lost that community and my friends and i cant bear to lose this magical, unique beauty that is no where else in australia. Please let me know what i can do to help to preserve what is ours and our childrens children. Thank you unChain St Kilda."
joesphine o'callaghan, balaclava

"I also attended the council meeting on Thursday. Prior to this meeting, I had gone to the information session at the Palais Theatre. I had gone with an open mind. I left shocked by what was being proposed, and very disappointed that not one councillor, elected representatives of the community, was present.

At the council meeting on Thursday, I was impressed by the calibre and the well-grounded arguments of all submissions presented by residents. I was appalled at the behaviours of councillors at that meeting. The difference in response by the councillors to the presentations by residents (bored and dismissive) and that given by the developer (attentive and encouraging) was palpable. It raises the alert that there could be collusion and corruption.

The arguments against the development proposal as such are numerous and wide-ranging. It is clear that this council is inadequate to deal with a project of this magnitude. They are not capable of adequately representing the residents of St Kilda.

At the end of proceedings on Thursday evening, the council was asked a question as to why it had just unanimously and so quickly agreed to a deferral of a final decision on this project of a mere 6 weeks (encompassing the holiday period). The council did not respond to this necessary question. Probably it couldn't. One more demonstration that it has lost its way. This ludicrous situation cannot continue.

The restoration of the Palais Theatre has to be funded separately and by other means. The Triangle site project on Crown land has to be scrapped and begun again. This time, for the residents of St Kilda, and with community consultation."
Graeme Tardy, St Kilda

"So where to from the farce? Another eight years of "dithering and incompetence" (The Age, letters 15/12), still to be left with a derelict wasteland at this precious site and different sick plan for an abomination to ruin St Kilda's soul? Or do we try something different, some real leadership which shows a little respect for one of Australia's most beautifully iconic suburbs?

It's time for the Brumby Government to show that leadership which we should expect from a Labor Government. It should start with taking responsibility for the Palais, which after all it does own, then setting aside a modest budget to immediatly landscape and beautify the triangle site from the disgrace it is now. There will then be time for plan which has some sympathy for our wonderful St Kilda."
George Finlay, Balaclava/East St Kilda

"Whatever happened to community participation in decision making? Were I able to have my say, I'd opt for a people's green reserve, based on environmentally sound principles with no buildings, no automobiles or carparks and no carbon emissions! Reintegrate the triangle with the foreshore surrounds and reinstate indigenous flora so we can escape the madness of hyper-development!"
Damon Anderson, St Kilda

14 December 2007

"What a disappointment last night's meeting was. Despite the passionate pleas of their community and the flat out rejection of the current proposal by the people they were elected to represent the council showed barely any indication of listening to us. Cr Gross sitting there smug through the whole process and picking his toes while resident spoke. SHAME ON YOU CR. GROSS. And the Mayor acting like a power hungry School Maam telling residents to stop talking and championing the developer's "right to speak" THE BIGGEST SHAME ON YOU MAYOR.

May I remind the councillors of this community that you work for us. Not for developers, not for the State, but for us and we don't want what you're giving us.

Keep fighting St Kilda. Write to everyone you can. Write to each Councillor individually maybe one of them has the guts to stand up for us and what we want. Everything we want. Not just preserved view lines but also no nightclubs and less shops.

Cr. Sait last night told us that she loves St Kilda. Ask her to prove it!"
Daniela Raulli, St Kilda

"The proposed development is an architectural abomination - a prime example of kitsch and over the top commercialism - threatening destruction of an historic 'seaside resort' and its beautiful bay vistas. Where is the 'environmental' conscience of Australian urban planning authorities and architects when global trends point to conserving historic sites, reducing urban clutter and avoiding new sources of emissions (air & ground pollution)? The success of St Kilda for its residents and local/ overseas visitors is its retained history, character of its early buildings/landscapes and local cultural/artistic heritage, not 'icons' to 21st Century commercialism and faddish architecture."
Kirsten Anderson, Prahran

"I too was at the coucil meeting last night. This council does not want to listen to the people of St Kilda. I fail to see why the council thinks they have our best interests in hand when there was at least 500 people clearly opposing the massive development. The council is stale and corrupt!"
Tim R, St Kilda

"I totally oppose the development - It will turn St Kilda's iconic foreshore area into a bayside Chadstone shopping centre monstrocity. Aweful."
Julian, St Kilda

"The benefit of this proposed development will only be to line the pockets of a few.It is not sympathetic to the character of this wonderful suburb and will not meet the needs of the local community.It is Greedy!!!"
Linda Riska, Murrumbeena/St Kilda

"What a meeting it was last night at the St Kilda town hall! Great to see and feel the passion of our local residents. We must win this battle. We will. Sanity must prevail. Residents of St Kilda rise up! Stop this monstrous anti-social, totally over the top development. Preserve and restore the Palais theatre we must, and there are ways of doing this with deserved state and federal government funds.The Council must pull the plug on the scheme and start again, and admit that mistakes were made and things got grossly out of hand."
Henk van Leeuwen, Elwood

"I attended the meeting of the Council's Statutory Planning Committee tonight, and was struck by the body language of some councillors who, whilst residents were presenting objections, chatted to each other or otherwise distracted themselves, yet when the developer made his presentation, sat bolt upright and attentive for the (long) duration."
Paul Morgan, St Kilda

"I attended the council meeting tonight until the end. I am furious! WHY is the timeline so short? WHY did the council not listen at all? Will the next meeting in January be a public meeting?"
Jane Kelson, St Kilda

"Tide turns on Triangle
At Thursday night's Council meeting the tide turned significantly on St Kilda's triangle developers' golden opportunity to use some of the most valuable public land in Australia for commercial gain.

Hopefully the developers will now be unable to get away with blocking sea views from St Kilda's beautiful Esplanade, swamping the site with crass commercialism (they want more shops for the triangle's public land than already exist on all the private land in Fitzroy and Acland streets) and massively increasing alcohol outlets.

By ignoring the wishes of its real owners and proposing a development which residents believe would destroy the soul and integrity of the triangle's public land and even their suburb, the developers should no longer have the trust of the community to proceed. The triangle should now be landscaped, beautified and cherished as public space."
George Finlay, Balaclava/East St Kilda

"Councillors of Port Philip be very afraid. The people of St Kilda came out in force tonight to voice their objections to the travesty that has become the St Kilda Triangle development. We the people will make our votes count at the next local elections if you do not listen to our concerns. The council needs to understand that St Kilda is shabby, eccentric and a little frayed around the edges. That is the beauty of this place and the mere idea of putting a slick and shiny shopping mall on its sacred bohemian shore is just appalling. Go back to the drawing board and think about the community and not the economy."
Geraldine, St Kilda

13 December 2007

"An ice skating rink? The St Moritz was demolished for the the most inappropriate and unsightly Novatel Hotel. The St Kilda baths "development" was and is a fiasco. The historic St Kilda Station was "developed" into a menagerie of shops and failed businesses. The skate board park in Albert Park nobody wants. The community is denied use of the South Melbourne Town Hall. And now the Triangle fiasco. Hundreds of thousands of rate payers dollars wasted on these follies that the community does not need and does not want. Something is not right at Port Phillip and the community knows."
Geoff Gowers, St Kilda

"How can our council think of wrecking our foreshore. When you can see what Nona Kastilidies can achieve with lateral thinking. No to Chadstone by the Bay for Gods sake!!!!! Keep up the good work"
Lisa Ellison, St Kilda

"I grew up in bayside Melb. I agree with your 'Good Outcome'. I am a regular visitor to St Kilda, stay at Novatel. Love the view and the walks along the beach and pier. Fear proposed plans a disaster for St Kilda."
Elsbeth Phillips, Redcliffs

"St Kilda is home to thousands of people and is a tight community. I find it inconceivable that anyone is considering such an unattractive unsound environmental development that they wouldn't want in their backyard! Preserve St Kilda at all costs, its shabby charm, ecclectic community is what is attractive..."
Kate McAree, Port Melbourne

"What about the Age today - it shows what could be done. Nona Kastides shows foresight. This is a once in a lifetime chance!!!"
Lynne Edwards, St Kilda West

"From the Age... "Speaking from China, Cr Gross said he was still undecided about his vote after years of negotiations, deliberations and legal wrangles. "This will be the most highly scrutinised decision I have ever been involved in. It's such a volatile situation and I'm getting phone calls and emails all the time so I'm constantly changing my mind."

What....? This guy has been at the front of the Council as it developed this plan. What is going on? Who have we elected? This is pathetic. Time for a new council. How do we get one NOW??"
Ann Ryan, St Kilda

"We must protect St Kilda from greed. We must raise our voices in protest to protect our local community."
Caro Flood, St Kilda East

"Too Big"
Martin Allen, South Melbourne

12 December 2007

"Developers always aim for 10 times more than they know will ever be approved, then scale it back as their supposed "compromise" expecting us to compromise with them...It's STILL too big!! I will be at the meeting Thursday night."
Jacqueline, St Kilda

"I live on the Esplanade. In the last two years St Kilda has felt like it's overwhelmed with the weight of pedestrian traffic and cars. The people are coming to visit, they don't need more shops to come here and we don't need a mall in our front yard and the loss of the beach. People are already flocking here in droves, I am happy to share my home suburb, but why are we adding more places to shop?"
Nicola Archer, St Kilda

"It is very upsetting already to see what St Kilda has already turned into; this is not the seaside bohemian suburb that I moved into 22 years ago. Personally, I don't want the triangle development, there's already enough architectural eyesores in this fastly becoming generic seaside town!"
Debra, St Kilda

"I have just done the 'fly around' on the St Kilda Triangle website. I was shocked by the generic 'artsy' look the developers are proposing. St Kilda has a style of its own. To impose this commercial conglomeration of Fred Flintstone-come-Disneyland, which will look like a slum in ten years time, is criminal."
Candy, South Melbourne

"Rather than introducing a temporary ice skating rink, the Triangle site should incorporate a permanent skatepark. A skatepark at the triangle would introduce a much needed element of public open space to the