What future for the Triangle?
The St Kilda Triangle, marked above by a yellow line, is Crown (public) Land on the foreshore of a popular seaside location.  In May 2007 the then Port Phillip Council signed an agreement with developer Citta Property Group and financier Babcock & Brown to build a massive commercial, shopping and nightclub complex on the site

Following an overwhelming community outcry and subsequent campaign to topple the unpopular proposal, the public  foreshore land and the Palais Theatre have been returned into the care of the citizens of Port Phillip.   Now it is your turn to decide how this land should be used.  Let us know your ideas for the Triangle site - use the 'Have your say' box on this page.

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14 December 2009
On 14 December, six of seven Port Phillip Councillors voted to accept the $5M deal to terminate the St Kilda Triangle Project.  Port Melbourne's Janet Bolitho, who as Mayor of the previous Council oversaw the selection of the winning bid, was the only Councillor to maintain her commitment to the dinosaur proposal.

The Triangle campaign started as a public land planning issue in mid 2007.  By the end of 2008 it had turned into a fight for local democracy, culminating in the overthrow of a Council.

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"You should all give yourselves a big pat on the back! Stand up and take a bow! Well done and next time you need some help I shall be there! Thanks again to all of you for showing us the possibility of community action. Much Love and blessings!"
Susan Humphrey, St Kilda

"It has been a long robust fight - we have not stepped backwards, we have not worried who stood against us but, we have always valued who stood with us and who we stood for. To you all thank you for standing against all odds and never flinching. Thank you for all you contributions. Thank you for standing next to me and helping me and your community through this. Democracy belongs to people who stand up."
Paul Coghlan, St Kilda

"I have to congratulate everyone at Unchain St Kilda for your amazing work. I must also apologise to everyone involved in this wonderful organisation because I had given up hope and had decided to meekly succumb what I thought was inevitable. You have restored my faith in the power of the community. I will not break like that again. I cannot thank you enough for your efforts. Bless you all"
Omid Shayan, St Kilda

"Congratulations to all at unChain St Kilda! Thank you for all your hard work, determination and personal commitment to the campaign, thank goodness balance and reason has prevailed."
Amanda Carlton, St Kilda West

"Well done. This news has made my day. Thank you all."
Toni Noah, St Kilda

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